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Transforming Vendor and Manager Collaboration

Are you a vendor or manager looking for a streamlined way to collaborate, manage projects, and keep your operations running smoothly? Look no further. Stratallite is here to make your work life easier.

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Streamline, Simplify, Succeed

Vendor Collaboration

  • Instant, real-time chat and messaging to foster seamless communication.
  • Shared project calendars to keep everyone in sync.
  • Document and file sharing for easy information exchange.
  • Task assignment and tracking for clear progress monitoring.
Vendor Collaboration

Project Management

  • Create and efficiently manage your projects with ease.
  • Define milestones and set clear deadlines for better planning.
  • Monitor project progress in a single, comprehensive view.
  • Allocate resources effectively, optimizing your project's success.
Project Management

Data Analytics

  • Visualize key performance indicators to track project health.
  • Identify trends and opportunities to maximize efficiency.
  • Improve project planning by basing decisions on data-driven strategies.
Data Analytics

24/7 Support

  • Round-the-clock assistance for immediate problem-solving.
  • Swift issue resolution to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • User training and onboarding to make the most of our platform.
  • Round-the-clock assistance for immediate problem-solving.
24/7 Support

Vendor Ratings & Feedback

Gain insights into vendor performance and foster accountability through our comprehensive rating and feedback system.

Resource Optimization

Effortlessly allocate resources where they're needed most and optimize your project's efficiency.

Property Insights

Access data and analytics for informed property management decisions and improved strategies.

Unlocking Success: How It Works

Now, for the cards featuring Vendor Dashboard, and Manager Dashboard.

Discover the Stratallite Vendor Experience

Join the Stratallite vendor community to simplify project management and collaboration.

Explore how our platform empowers vendors to efficiently manage tasks, communicate with project managers, and streamline project progress. It's your path to success.

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vendor dashboard

Empower Your Projects with Stratallite Manager Dashboard

Take charge of your projects like never before with the Stratallite Manager Dashboard. Experience seamless project management, vendor collaboration, and oversight all in one place.

Streamline workflows, ensure project success, and stay in control with advanced features.

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manager dashboard

Getting Started with Stratallite

Embark on a journey to simplify vendor management, specially crafted for commercial real estate professionals. Here's your roadmap

Step 01

Define Your Role

Your journey begins by selecting the role that suits your needs best.

Step 02

Complete the Onboarding Form

Register for your Stratallite account and share essential information to customize your experience.

Step 03

Welcome to Stratallite

Enter the Stratallite community, gaining tools for streamlined vendor collaboration and project management.

Step 04

Your Journey Begins

As you sign up, you'll embark on a journey filled with opportunities.

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Transforming Vendor Management

Discover how Stratallite is revolutionizing vendor management for commercial real estate professionals. These real-world use cases showcase our platform's capabilities

Vendor Management Efficiency

Stratallite simplifies project tracking for vendors with a comprehensive dashboard view of all ongoing projects

Vendor Management Efficiency

Owner Empowerment

Thousands of businesses rely on our cloud communications platform to build stronger connections with their customers.

Owner Empowerment

Efficient Meeting Scheduling

Vendor can schedule meetings with managers, tracks responses, and finds suitable meeting times via the Vendor Dashboard.

Efficient Meeting Schedulingl

Task Assignment and Completion

A construction supervisor relies on the Vendor Dashboard to track project milestones and ensure successful completion.

Task Assignment and Completion

We care about our customers experience

Simplify vendor management with Stratallite, tailored for commercial real estate professionals.

John R.

Stratallite revolutionized our project management. The Vendor Dashboard simplified communication, and we achieved project success like never before.

John R.

John R.

Commercial Real Estate Manager

Sarah L.

The Manager Dashboard's real-time updates made a significant impact. We can now make data-driven decisions and streamline our construction projects effectively.

Sarah L.

Sarah L.

Construction Project Manager

Mark H.

Stratallite's platform helped us maintain clear communication with our vendors. We've achieved seamless coordination, resulting in efficient project delivery.

Mark H.

Mark H.

Facilities Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We're here to help.

How can I create and manage projects using the Manager Dashboard?

The Manager Dashboard allows you to easily create new projects, set milestones, allocate resources, and monitor progress, all from a single, intuitive interface.

What tools does the Manager Dashboard offer for vendor management and collaboration?

You can efficiently collaborate with vendors through integrated messaging, meeting scheduling, and real-time project updates, streamlining communication and project coordination.

Is there any support available for troubleshooting or assistance with the Manager Dashboard?

Yes, our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance, resolve issues, and offer user training and onboarding.

How can I create new properties within the Manager Dashboard?

You can easily add new properties to your portfolio, which enhances project planning and allocation, ensuring smoother project management.

Can I create and manage multiple projects and properties with the Manager Dashboard?

Yes, the Manager Dashboard is designed to handle multiple projects and properties, allowing you to efficiently manage all your real estate projects in one place.